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MsLily is a Music Notation Add-In for Word.

MsLily is a tool for music teachers, music students, and anyone else who writes about music. Instead of creating music images by writing external music notation files in another piece of software, MsLily lets you quickly write and edit brief music excerpts natively inside of Word.

MsLily provides:

  • a side-panel for quickly writing, editing, and compiling LilyPond code into an inline or page-attached image
  • Pre-Coded templates for common symbols: staff lines, clefs, notes, time signatures, etc.
  • image sizing and cropping
  • data storage inside of your Word document (that means you can quickly review and refine your music, not re-write or flip between programs)



Standard Edition: custom editor colors and a few images inserted - this took about 30 seconds:

Screenshot: Word window with MsLily SE panel

Free Edition: identical, though the Advanced Editing and the Settings Dialog are disabled.

Screenshot: Word window with MsLily displayed



  • LilyPond -
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office Redistributable -
  • Microsoft Word 2013+
  • Microsoft .NET 4.5+ Redistributable


MsLily is written in C# and uses .NET and the Microsoft Office COM interface. Unfortunately, this means MsLily is currently only for Windows-based machines. Mac and Office365 versions are in the long-term plan. Please let me know if you're interested - I will not follow this pathway unless there is interest.

MsLily has been tested and is stable on Windows  8 & 10.



  • Free Edition: [second beta release!]
  • Standard Edition (full version): stable but still testing. Register your interest using the Contact link above. I expect to release the Standard Edition by September 2017.


Change Log

  • Free Edition
    • 20170802 - second beta release!
      • Fix cut-and-paste failure when using context menu (right click); "Paste with source formatting" has no programmer interface, so it is not possible for MsLily to track the right-click paste operation - LilyPond code attached to an image will be lost; still seeking a workaround for this, but it looks like it may be a permanent problem
      • Fixed cut/paste between documents
      • Optimise image cropping (especially for big images)
      • Restore "MsLily made" title text for image insertions (I'm really torn on whether I'll omit this again ... )
    • 20170717 - first beta release!