A few things that I cooked up for myself ...

Android - Calendars

Last update: 1 November 2011

20111115: the same issues are very old news re iPhone's calendar

Three views on text & distraction

If you have have an opinion on short bursts of unbroken text ... then perhaps one of these will be entertaining.

Palm Task DB to XML Converter

A small project:
convert Palm's Task DB to an XML file for portability, then convert back again.

Eventually, convert the Palm Task DB XML file to the TreeLine XML database format.

RD and Projects

Mini-research notes.

Studio Scheduler (Timetabler)

For handling all those millions of instrumental music timetable changes ...


script-fu + sh: jpeg resize scripts

GIMP supports scheme scripting via TinyScheme

Share; we must

It is increasingly easy to find people who are facing (or have experienced) similar challenges to my own.


A list of some drupal modules I have tried. I have omitted many that were not very useful.


Gadgetry, trials, problems, and solutions. Mostly stuff that I have or do use.

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